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Seabuckthorn Research:


We have worked with Herriot Watt University investigating the best berries to use for spirit production, we have also worked with the Scottish Rural Colleges (SRUC)- via an interface grant-  to develop fermented seabuckthorn ginger beer and water kefir recipes. We  are also developing Seabuckthorn seed and pulp oil products as well as a leaf wax with Bangor University thanks to KTN SPARK funding to the university. Furthermore we are providing materials to Edinburgh University Virology department for testing to explore anti-viral properties of berries, leaves and buds.


We are incredibly grateful to East Lothian Council for permitting us to harvest Seabuckthorn for commercial purposes. We work with them to agree areas and report on the quantities harvested. 

We were fortunate to have been chosen by First Port for a Start it grant from 2018- 2019 which was an incredible help in our first year. We have also received business support/advice and a further Build it Grant from First Port in 2020 which is enabling us to start to scale up production. A special thanks to Colin and Ray!

We greatly value the friendship, guidance and encouragement of Seth Pascoe (Cornish Sea-berry Company) and British Seabuckthorn Company. We hope to continue to work further to agree common standards and processing technology under the umbrella of the UK Seabuckthorn Association. 

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